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Final revisions

juli 8, 2010

Some kind of summer is happening outside, and I spend my days revising away. Not as much fun as it sounds like. In my bookcase, unreviewed books have piled up (they don’t fit standing up) and I manage to read a page or two before I fall asleep each night. Also, the disadvantage with revising your own work is that you have already had those ideas; other, quite interesting ones, flutter by and there is nothing to do about them except take brief notes and hope you can turn to them later. Like the brilliant topic I had suggested to me at Swecon, about the role of babies in fantasy (the obvious portmantaeu word for the subgenre being, of course, infantasy).

And then there are the scrap ideas from the thesis text that really don’t fit there, such as the realisation that three (of several) possible endings in The Lord of the Rings (apart from Sam’s final return) – the destruction of the Ring, the killing of Saruman, and the departure of the elf ship (or, if you like, the arrival, the return, and the departure into the unknown) – correspond to the three metaphysical realms of the middle ages: Hell, Middle-earth, and Heaven. I’m sure its good for something, but I certainly don’t know what at the moment.

Anyway, more revising to do now.

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