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Call for Proposals to Critical Twilight-Anthology

april 12, 2010

I received the following Call for Proposals in my mailbox today. Anyone doing (or dying to do) scholarship on Meyer’s Twilight-series might want to pay attention.

Call for proposals: Twilight – Crossing Borders and Boundaries

The phenomenon of Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga is international, spanning across borders through their impact, dissemination, and readership. Equally, within the narrative there is wide-ranging thematic boundaries being crossed. As of now, however, research into the phenomenon is scarce. There are many aspects of the books and the films, as well as of the social communities, networks, and contexts surrounding the Saga which have yet to be addressed.

From a broad, cross-disciplinary perspective, this anthology welcomes
researchers from all fields to enquire into issues raised by The Twilight Saga. With the purpose of exploring gender, popular culture, religion, sexuality, humanity, race and ethnicity, a number of different questions can be asked:

  • What compels the passionate readership of the story of Bella, Edward and Jakob?
  • How can female sexuality and young female desire be understood in relation to the books and the films?
  • How can the construction of masculinity and the female gaze be interpreted?
  • In what ways do the books and the films relate to old as well as modern mythologies about vampires and other supernatural creatures?
  • How can Twilight be understood in its American religious context, and how is this religious context understood by readers from other cultures?
  • What bodily conceptions are constructed in the Saga and how can we understand them in relation to contemporary socio-political issues?
  • How can The Twilight Saga be compared to other similar phenomena such as for instance the Harry Potter-series? And how are these promoted and marketed in a global context?
  • What meanings and functions can be ascribed to the different social networks that have developed around the Saga, such as internet community groups, fan websites, and fan fiction?

Proposals which address these questions and many more are welcomed by
the editors. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and include
headline, purpose and a short presentation of the contributor. Please
send your proposal to ann.steiner@litt.lu.se AND mariah.larsson@mah.se
no later than June 15, 2010.

The editors:

Ann Steiner is a researcher and lecturer in Literature and Publishing
Studies at Lund University, Sweden. She has published several books and
articles on book trade and contemporary reading cultures.
Contact details: ann.steiner@litt.lu.se, Phone: +46-46 222 84 69
Address: Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Box 201, 221 00 Lund, Sweden

Mariah Larsson holds a Ph.D. in film studies and is currently working at
Malmö University, Sweden on a research project on the exhibition of
pornographic films in Malmö in 1970s. Her publications include articles
on film, sexuality and gender.
Contact details: mariah.larsson@mah.se Phone: +46-40 665 79 72
Address: Faculty of Health and Society, Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö,

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